How to get a wealth to the shop name

shop, the purpose is to let the shop become prosperous, and make money, this is a goal of many entrepreneurs, however, want to achieve this goal, not only need a good business, a start you need a good name. The store is good, the shops have wealth actually have a very big influence. So, how to get a wealth to the shop name? Let Xiaobian for your analysis.

shop, the purpose is to make money and convenience. But there is not enough money to open a shop, but also think of how the shop decoration and shop name. Future planning, how can we let the shop opened more prosperous? This is involved in the book of Feng Shui and the name of the study. How to shop, how to take a good name of wealth? Business investment in misery is a basket, really not easy.

open what shop, what name? A restaurant, a meal, a dish. Remember the "Princess" Qiong Yao beads in this period, up to the crape myrtle dishes, poetic name, evoked people’s appetite, stimulate people’s imagination. Let emperor Qian Long praise, eating large increase, eat interesting.

and swallow hands-on cooking stoves, want to have a table full of dishes, let the Kang Yong Qi tasteless but also want to do evil, dare not move chopsticks. What flower head; arms and legs broken into pieces;; open; five; as cruel as a wolf, pour dog’s blood on, attempt to resort to the sword desperately, brains burst and so on, which makes the little swallow "eat" on how Mingyangtianxia, really ridiculous enough.

have to say Qiong Yao swallow weird, cute. I also think that for today will be the most funny entertainer, the little swallow can not imagine the red fire. If I were in the hotel, the boss, I would adopt a poem made dish of crape myrtle. I believe that the boss wants to recover the cost is also true.

then get to the point, in our modern life, in twenty-first Century how to take a wealth of its name? In every service industry, customer first, service week. Consumers will be based on the needs, and prices, services and preferences to decide where to go. Because the whole site is not just a hotel, a clothing store. If you want people to remember the first thing you need to name nice, loud, easy to understand, easy to remember.

how to shop for a method name wealth are:

1, the name of auspicious words.

some similar industries will use the words, such as "Tang": "Holiness Church" "Tongrentang"; for example, "Hotel" Hotel "," what what "company" will use the same words. Coupled with the word name, such as "Xing", "long", "source", "Mao", "hair" and other words in the old shop signs often >