How can we have any confidence in GECOM and President Granger?

first_imgDear Editor,GHK Lall in a recent letter in the media conveys that 46 per cent of Afro-Guyanese versus 21 per cent of Indo-Guyanese does not represent an ethnic imbalance within the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM).  This is a gross misinterpretation.Of course, lopsided figures such as these show how Afro-Guyanese are wildly overrepresented. And importantly, they fail to reflect Guyana’s demographic breakdown. Such misinterpretation needs to be corrected because it hides a serious problem which will persist if it goes unaddressed.Also, in a show of respect for the Guyanese people, the Chairman of GECOM needs to provide the actual statistical evidence to verify these figures. We cannot trust any information coming out from GECOM when considering the level of corruption that goes on there.Which Guyanese can forget how President Granger hurriedly installed the GECOM Chairman close to midnight?  Why was such an important appointment transacted at such a strange time of the night? This is because President Granger was into an unethical and unfair act. Naturally, such a shady appointment triggers widespread fears that President Granger is determined to stifle our voices, like his party had done for 28 years. So how can we have any confidence in GECOM and President Granger?  Where is the respect by President Granger for his people?It is hard to believe that both President Granger and the GECOM Chairman do not understand that Afro-Guyanese are grossly overrepresented at GECOM but such a racial dynamic works to their advantage and so they will shamelessly resort to immoral tactics to defend such an unfair situation that will enable them to hold onto to power by cruelly stifling our voice. We are concerned that our voice will not be heard at the polls. These people can’t be trusted. And none of this is good for social cohesion and the prosperity of our country.  Amid such gross dishonesty by the A Partnership for National Unity/People’s National Congress (PNC) human beings suffer and our country remains poor.It is also clear that Lall and largely the PNC are ignorant of the fact that Indians are highly intelligent and highly capable people. The reality is that Indians are successful people all over the world. Of course, we possess the requisite qualifications to effectively function at GECOM but we are discriminated against so that the racial dynamics remain in favour of the PNC. Absolutely, like my fellow Indo-Guyanese, I am insulted by how the PNC tramples our rights and then demean us to cover up its immoral behaviours.  This is divisive and cruel.The People’s Progressive Party/Civic represents a segment of the population who has been disrespected and mistreated by the PNC in all of our history. And which Guyanese will doubt that the appointment of the GECOM Chairman together with the racial imbalance at GECOM, plus the 28 years of election rigging under the PNC are not examples of abuse by the PNC.Sincerely,Annie Baliramlast_img