Woman accused of sending ricin letter to Trump arrested

first_imgIt was a beautiful day and evening for a walk through Washington, D.C. and Arlington gazing at our nation’s treasures on July 9, 2019. Photo cred Melodie Yvonne White House in Washington DC. (Photo cred Melodie Yvonne/Getty Images)A woman suspected of sending an envelope containing the poison ricin, which was addressed to White House, has been arrested at the New York-Canada border, three law enforcement officials told The Associated Press.The letter had been intercepted earlier this week before it reached the White House. The woman was taken into custody by U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers at the Peace Bridge border crossing near Buffalo and is expected to face federal charges, the officials said Sunday. Her name was not immediately released.The letter addressed to the White House appeared to have originated in Canada, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police have said.It was intercepted at a government facility that screens mail addressed to the White House and President Donald Trump and a preliminary investigation indicated it tested positive for ricin, according to the officials.The officials were not authorized to discuss the ongoing investigation publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity.There have been several prior instances in which U.S. officials have been targeted with ricin sent through the mail.A Navy veteran was arrested in 2018 and confessed to sending envelopes to Trump and members of his administration that contained the substance from which ricin is derived. The letters were intercepted, and no one was hurt.In 2014, a Mississippi man was sentenced to 25 years in prison after sending letters dusted with ricin to President Barack Obama and other officials.last_img read more

Musicians urged to ‘put their house in order’

first_img Share Valentine cuffyEntertainer Valentine ‘Young Bull’ Cuffy has called on musicians, artistes and bands to put their collective houses in order as government has announced its decision to help develop the music industry.Mr Cuffy made the statement when the Prime Minister along with along with the Minister for Minister for Planning, Economic Development and Investment, Dr John Colin McIntyre and Minister for Justice, Immigration and National Security Rayburn Blackmoore met with various artistes, band leaders, musicians and other stakeholders at the National Stadium on Wednesday 22 July 2015.Mr Cuffy, who praised the Dominica Labour Party administration for taking the initiative to engage members of the music industry in discussion, said the music industry is a very serious one which has been taken granted for too long.“Since the evolution of Candace music we feel that it is a joy and a privilege to be onstage so we enjoy ourselves…It is a business, and once the government has recognized that we are in business, we must now put our collective houses in order,” he said.Mr Cuffy added that is has always been a problem for people to respect the fact that local musicians are entertainers as well and called for greater engagement and communication between the Dominica Festival Commission and the local artistes, especially with respect to the World Creole Music Festival.“People will make a fuss because they are not respected for that. Little bands get to play on the stage and because is a little half hour that they are playing for we disrespect them with $500.00. We need to change that philosophy,” Mr Cuffy said.He said, now that the government has offered to partner to develop the industry, this presents a “great opportunity” for all parties to put their concerns forward.“Are we going to leave this meeting and go back home and start making noise, Rah vs Keith, Keith vs Cornell, Emille vs Jeffery and be the same band-wagonist and not thinking to ourselves that we can be multi-millionaires,” Mr Cuffy questioned. He urged the artiste and bands to “grab the bull by the horns”, work with the Association of Music Professionals (AMP) and work together to develop the industry. Tweet Share 350 Views   2 commentscenter_img Sharing is caring! Share EntertainmentLocalNews Musicians urged to ‘put their house in order’ by: Dominica Vibes News – July 24, 2015last_img read more

DAIC Speaks on Issues of Migration in Dominica

first_img Share Sharing is caring! Share Share BusinessLifestyleLocalNews DAIC Speaks on Issues of Migration in Dominica by: – January 22, 2020 President of DAIC, Kenneth Green The Dominica Association of Industry and Commerce is discussing the existing negative perceptions of immigrants in Dominica.At the association’s Eggs and Issues panel discussion this morning, panelists explained how immigrants can have positive impact on DominicaStatistics show that in 2017,  Dominica’s migrant population is at 9.5%, placing Dominica second on the list of migrant populations.President of DAIC, Kenneth Green considers Dominica a “Migrant Country” and sees migration as an avenue for market expansion.“The economic impact of migrants is seen in the level of contributions first but also in the difference even when you look between countries and consumption. So if you look at the amount of consumption in larger Caribbean islands where there is a larger grouping of migrants or immigrants who have moved into the local and you look at it within context to a country like Dominica, where you have less migrants… then you can see the value of having migrants within our communities,” Green said.He noted that Dominica lacks a migrant policy which would address potential food security repercussions.“We’ve not seen any inward migration policy that caters to our weaknesses, that caters to some of the threats that exist and to look at the opportunities. So if you look to things like our farm labor issue…right now the average rate for unskilled labor has gone up yet the farmers still cannot get people who have not gone through a high school education to accept between $300-$400 a week and in many cases, cash in hand. That is a difficult thing because you need labor to produce the very things that we eat, so it has a food security repercussion for us.”He concluded that the increase in Dominica’s population will positively impact the private sector where consumption is concerned, noting that restaurant owners and event managers will greatly benefit from a greater pool of consumers.“Restaurants, supermarkets, even entertainment venues, you don’t look at a fete, say, the World Creole Music Festival and other venues and say, to yourself, let me see how many of these people are Dominican.No, we are looking at the economic impact from a generic point of view. So the amount of people here and also how many people leave has a serious impact on our economy.” Tweet 156 Views   no discussionslast_img read more

DEAL-CRP Plans to Construct 70+ Livestock Shelters, Invites Applications

first_img Share Sharing is caring!                                                         Kervin Stephenson, EAL-CRP The Emergency Agricultural Livelihoods Climate Resilience Project which is designed to restore the livelihoods of agriculturists affected by Hurricane Maria and now Covid19 hopes to assist 300 livestock farmers in the coming months.Project Coordinator, Kervin Stephenson has said that the programme is prepared to come through for 300 livestock farmers but has so far received just 164 applications.Those enterprises approved so far will see work begin to construct climate resilient structures for their livestock in the next few weeks.Stephenson says, “So far we have done field evaluation for over 70 fields. Right now, we have an engineer onboard; we just got approval from the Planning Division because…we’re talking about incorporating resilient features in those livestock structures.”The project coordinator hopes to secure contracts with skilled persons before the peak of the hurricane season “to commence construction of those 71 sheds that have been evaluated already and continue the evaluation of other applicants of the Livestock Program.” LocalNews DEAL-CRP Plans to Construct 70+ Livestock Shelters, Invites Applications by: – June 9, 2020 Tweet Share 131 Views   no discussions Sharelast_img read more

ABS takes Smart Class services Mobile

first_imgThe ABS Smart Scheduler™, which leverages real-time AIS data to maintain fleet compliance and is the industry’s only mobile survey booking tool enabling any survey, including remote surveys, to be scheduled in less than a minute anytime, anywhere – even when there is no internet access. It tracks survey status for all vessels in a fleet and then issues alerts when surveys are due. New industry-leading smart functionality launched today includes: (Image Courtesy: ABS) Designed to anticipate client needs and provide intuitive, informed decision support, the smart functionality is an enhancement to the ABS MyFreedom™ client portal and can be accessed through a mobile app or text. The portal and the industry’s most user-friendly digital tools simplify access to operational, technical and compliance fleet intelligence and all ABS Class services to manage the operating health and performance of fleets. Port State Control Risk, which provides customized port state control analytics by vessel or fleet. It allows clients to view their destination’s top deficiency items and the client vessel’s matching findings from ABS class records, along with a vessel risk rating based on compliance health status. Sea News, July 22 International Safety Management (ISM) Findings, customized to individual vessel performance, which allows clients to view the destination port’s top ISM related deficiency items against their vessel’s matching findings from ABS class records. “Leveraging unprecedented access to data, we are delivering truly smart functionality that learns from the user and, with experience over time, anticipates future requirements, making it even easier to work with ABS,” said Christopher J. Wiernicki, ABS Chairman, President and CEO. “These are just the first of many enhancements and increased smart functionality that ABS will continue to deliver through the MyFreedom client portal. The portal brings together all of our clients’ Class needs digitally for a complete overview, so now it all clicks. Centralized and connected, it streamlines interactions with ABS, making our client experience straightforward and insightful.” Custom Checklist, which brings together port state data from all ABS-classed vessels to provide a port-specific checklist for crew and fleet managers prior to arrival at any port.Fee Estimator, which provides a comparison of estimated survey fees across multiple ports. Offering enhanced risk management, compliance and operational efficiency through better informed decision making, MyFreedom delivers total fleet oversight, real-time survey status, smart scheduling, remote survey options, including annual surveys with mobile capture and collaboration, simplified access to compliance data and timely fleet certification renewals. ABS has launched a unique suite of fleet management and vessel compliance services powered by smart functionality and advanced analytics which, in an industry first, will also be available through the new ABS App. Port-Specific External Specialists, which provides one-touch direct client connections for upcoming surveys. Author: Baibhav Mishralast_img read more

Analysis Tool Measures Energy Efficiency of Microcontrollers and RF Modules in IoT End Points

first_imgEEMBC, the industry-consortium setting the real-world standards for valuable and practical application-specific benchmarks, has announced the availability of IoTMark-BLE, a benchmark and analysis tool that measures the energy efficiency of microcontrollers and Bluetooth radios used in IoT edge-node devices (end points).Battery life is often a critical factor in the development of these end-node devices, especially when they are difficult or inconvenient to access. While many microcontrollers are already designed for ultra-low power, a big portion of the energy budget in an IoT application must be allocated for transmitting and receiving data. As a result, whether the radio function is integrated into the microcontroller or added as a separate module, its energy consumption is often the dominant factor and can vary considerably between competing devices.   The IoTMark-BLE provides IoT system developers with the means to select optimal microcontroller and wireless solutions for their application by going beyond the limited datasheet specifications that tell only part of the story. IoTMark-BLE measures the energy used by the full subsystem including the MCU, the radio, and the protocol stack, while they perform relevant real-world tasks. Each part of the system impacts energy efficiency, so evaluating the whole radio system provides the most realistic evaluation of its battery life.The IoTMark-BLE is the first of a suite of benchmarks that the EEMBC IoT-Connect Working Group will deliver. Although the IoTMark-BLE targets IoT devices utilizing Bluetooth for communication, the benchmark runs on a flexible, IoT-Connect benchmark framework that EEMBC developed to accommodate additional benchmarks targeting other communication protocols, including Wi-Fi, 6LoWPAN, and LPWAN. The Consortium is working to produce a suite of benchmarks that allow comparisons between microcontrollers, radios, and modules as well as between competing communication protocols.The key components of this flexible IoT-Connect framework include:1) An EnergyMonitor to measure energy2) A radio manager, to coordinate the communication with the device under test (DUT); and3) An IO Manager to synchronize activities and to simulate a sensor input on the DUT’s I2C or serial peripheral interface (SPI).This working group is welcoming all interested parties to join and help define future profiles of this IoT benchmark to ensure the maximum coverage and relevance for IoT communication protocols and end-user scenarios. Current working group members include Ambiq Micro, Analog Devices, ARM, Cypress Semiconductor, Dialog Semiconductor, Flex, Imagination Technologies, Intel, Microchip, Nordic Semiconductor, NXP, Renesas, Silicon Labs, STMicroelectronics, Synopsys, and Texas Instruments.last_img read more

Luncurkan Electric Vehicle, Renault Janjikan Tempuh 279 Km Sekali Charge

first_imgbusinessvans.co.uk Produsen otomotif multinasional asal Prancis yang didirikan pada tahun 1899, Renault telah mengumumkan harga dan spesifikasi dari Kangoo Van ZE 33, sebuah van listrik yang dapat melaju sejauh 170 mil atau setara dengan 279 km dalam sekali charge. Pihak Renault sendiri sudah membuka harga untuk empat varian Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) –nya. Tidak hanya membocorkan soal harga, Renault juga memberikan opsi kepada para pembelinya mengenai baterai yang terpasang di moda tersebut.Baca Juga: Ubah Tampilan dan Mesin, Royal Mail Siap Kejutkan Warga Inggris Minggu iniSebagaimana yang dihimpun KabarPenumpang.com dari laman am-online.com (4/9/2017), Anda wajib memberikan mahar senilai £14.194,67 jika ingin membawa pulang van listrik ini. Harga tersebut sudah termasuk Plug-in Van Grant, namun belum termasuk pajak. Mengenai opsi yang disebutkan di atas, Renault membebaskan pembelinya untuk memilih apakah mereka akan menyewa baterai atau tanpa menyewa baterai. Harga sewa baterai sendiri mulai dari £49 yang secara teoritis mampu melaju hingga 4.500 mil per tahun dan meningkat menjadi £81 hingga 10.500 mil per tahun. Untuk soal charging, pengisian daya bisa di upgrade yang memungkinkan baterai tersebut penuh dalam waktu pengisian enam jam saja. Sementara itu, dalam waktu satu jam pengisian, memungkinkan van tersebut melaju sejauh 21 mil.Diasumsikan, untuk mengisi daya sekitar 12kWh, pemilik moda akan dikenakan biaya sekitar £2,64. Dimana dengan 12kWh, sebuah Electric Vehicle (EV) dapat menempuh jarak sekitar 60 km hingga 80 km. Tentu saja asumsi tersebut tergantung dari kecepatan dan hambatan selama perjalanan.Adapun kelengkapan moda ini diantaranya radio DAB, kerangka dari bahan baja, kaca pintu yang dioperasikan secara elektrik, dashboard yang berukuran cukup besar, kain pelapis jok, lampu bagasi, hingga setelan stir dan kursi pengemudi. Belum lagi teknologi khusus ZE Voice-Alerting yang tersedia di Renault Kangoo Van ZE 33 memungkinkan pejalan kaki mengetahui keberadaan mobil listrik di sekitarnya. Ditambah dengan fitur pemanas pra-perjalanan yang memungkinkan penumpang memanaskan kendaraan sebelum mereka bepergian. Fitur ini akan sangat berguna, terlebih jika musim dingin tiba.Baca Juga: Nissan Leaf, Mobil Listrik Favorit Perusahaan Taksi dan Pengguna PribadiNew Kangoo Maxi Crew Van ZE 33 dan Kangoo Maxi Crew Van Cab ZE 33 memiliki kursi yang dapat dilipat pada bagian kabin penumpangnya. Jadi, Anda cukup melipat kursi ini jika hendak membawa beban berlebih. Untuk tipe standar dari moda ini memiliki panjang sekitar 4,28m dan mampu menampung volume hingga 3m kubik, sedangkan untuk tipe Maxi memiliki panjang 4,66m dan mampu menampung volume hingga 4,6 m kubik.Terdapat juga sensor parkir yang terletak di bagian bumper belakang dan depan, sistem navigasi, hingga sarana hiburan, Renault R-LINK. Apakah Anda tertarik untuk memiliki salah stau varian dari van terbaru milik Renault ini?Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Like this:Like Loading… RelatedRenault EZ-GO, Moda Otonom yang Memiliki Desain Pintu Low Deck Unik23/03/2018In “Darat”Renault EZ-Pro, Solusi Moda Pengantar Paket dari Masa Depan25/09/2018In “Darat”Gantikan Lithium Ion, Baterai Lithium-Sulfur Bikin Era Pesawat Listrik Semakin Dekat24/08/2020In “Featured”last_img read more

Tiger to play in Miyazaki

first_img GET THE BEST OF THE JAPAN TIMES IN FIVE EASY PIECES WITH TAKE 5 Woods, who played matchplay on his last visit to Japan in 2001, will join last year’s winner David Duval, Sergio Garcia and K.J. Choi in a field of 84 with organizers hoping for a number of other foreign players to join the 72 who will qualify through the JPGA tour.“David told me how much he enjoyed the course and the tournament and I have wanted to play in it ever since,” said Woods, who joined the conference by satellite from Palm Desert, Calif., where he is preparing for a made-for-TV event that sees him play alongside Jack Nicklaus against Lee Trevino and Sergio Garcia.“I’m really excited about coming back,” continued Woods. “The Japanese fans are incredible. They love their golf and I know the players really appreciate their support.”Woods, who saw his chance of a calendar Grand Slam disappear in the wind and rain at Muirfield, when he shot an 81 in the third round of the British Open, was full of praise of Asian players such as Choi and Shigeki Maruyama, and said that he had talked with Maruyama about the tournament when they were paired together at Muirfield.“I’m not sure if he knows his schedule but it would be fun for all of us if Maruyama could play,” Woods said. “He is fun to be around.”The strength of the field has led to changes on the course, with additional fairway bunkers and thicker rough. center_img Tiger Woods will take part in his first stroke-play tournament in Japan in four years when he competes in the Dunlop Phoenix at the Phoenix Country Club, Miyazaki Pref. from Nov. 21-24, organizers announced Monday in Tokyo.Tournament chairman Michael Glennie in announcing the news said, “During the past 28 years the tournament has hosted such world renowned players as Jack Nicklaus, Tom Watson, Seve Ballesteros and Greg Norman. The only one that was missing until now was Tiger Woods.”last_img read more

Ja Table Tennis Assn AGM pushed back again

first_imgJamaica Table Tennis Association (JTTA) treasurer Darrington Ferguson says its Annual General Meeting (AGM) has been pushed back to accommodate the association’s audited report. This report will be the first done in the JTTA’s 74 year history.Ferguson said that after a Special General Meeting in December, the date for the next AGM and election of officers was initially set for this Saturday.However, with the report now completed, contact has been made with presidential candidate Karen Lym, who has until Thursday to submit any other concerns her team may have before they decide on a new date for the AGM.“We have instructed the finance chairman (Valery Muir), who leads the audit for the 2018-19 report to contact Ms Lym (on audit completion),” Ferguson said. “So we will have complied with all demands set by the court because we want to put an end to all rifts affecting the association.”He said that although financial statements were presented at every AGM since president Godfrey Lothian took over in 2013, completing this audits was essential. However, they would only table the report for 2018-2019. “The executive met and decided that it would be impossible to audit the 74 years before, so we will only doing the 18/19. But all the finances are up,” Ferguson said.“We understand the challenges, and we welcome this challenge because we are building a sport with transparency, and we want to make sure all I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed. So we want to answer all the concerns. Whether these opinions are factual, they must be heard, and we must have a conversation because we have the same interest in the development of the sport.”Lym, who lost in a run-off for office in February 2019, protested the elections, saying that the results were unfair and took Lothian to court. The court overturned the result and ruled the JTTA constitution, and the organisation’s renaming to Table Tennis Jamaica, null and void although Lothian was to remain president until new elections are held.Despite the issues, Ferguson is confident that Lothian will retain the presidency.“Godfrey Lothian’s administration has done so much for the sport over the last six years, and, therefore, it is no doubt that we will once again be re-elected,” Ferguson said. “Public opinion is very important, and the fact is table tennis has gone to higher levels under Godfrey Lothian. There have not been any complaints from any of our supporters from the last time, and even some who didn’t support us, I believe have joined us.” livingston.scott@gleanerjm.comlast_img read more

In one year, Bruce Pearl reminded Auburn about March

first_imgAUBURN – March and Auburn basketball have not gone together for over a decade, with the program’s last NCAA Tournament appearance coming in 2003. March is for spring football.March is for going outdoors.March is for watching college basketball – on TV.One year since his hiring, Bruce Pearl reminded Auburn what March can be about thanks to his team’s improbable, incredible and historic run in last week’s SEC Tournament.“It was year ago (Monday) I was sitting in his house talking to he and Brandy and his family about this job and signing a contract,” Auburn athletic director Jay Jacobs said. “Nobody would have ever guessed that we would have quite the run that we did in the SEC Tournament.”After closing the regular season with six straight losses and 12 of the last 14, Auburn gave fans a thrill last week with three wins in three days, the program’s best performance at the SEC Tournament since 1985. It all but erased Pearl’s inaugural record of 15-20 that few will care about or remember, or any of the bumps along the way.“It does take some of the pain away, it does,” Pearl said. “They got treated this (past) weekend to gosh, it’s Thursday and we’re still – it’s Friday and we’re still here – it’s Saturday and we’re still playing. All of a sudden at restaurants and bars and at work people are like what time’s the game and they’re starting to get off from work to go watch the game.“That’s March.”Pearl and a resilient bunch of rag tag players, nearly all of whom started their careers elsewhere, have quickly changed the culture of one of the worst programs in major college basketball.Pearl’s hiring one year ago upstaged the start of spring practice for the defending SEC Champions. From his jumping into a mosh pit of students at the airport to captivating Auburn Arena with his introductory press conference, Pearl took the Plains by storm and hasn’t stopped.A crowd gathered to celebrate the end of his NCAA show-cause on Aug. 24, he’s dropped in on college classes, been in a dunk tank and bought lunch for students, among countless other acts around campus over the last 12 months.Ever the showman, Pearl and his marketing background were instrumental in getting people back in the door of Auburn Arena after one of the worst four-year periods in program history.They came back, or arrived for the first time, in droves. Four sellout crowds – there were only five in the previous four years – helped drive attendance to 85.8 percent of capacity, third-best in the SEC and by far the highest in the five-year history of Auburn Arena.Spring football is under way again but it was basketball that was on people’s minds in mid-March.While attending the school’s alumni association Lifetime Achievement Awards event on Saturday, Auburn University president Dr. Jay Gogue suggested the gathering, historically held in March, change dates in the future because the basketball team might be playing some meaningful games in the years to come.“For me to hear that, that we were able to provide the combination of the hope and the product, is uplifting,” Pearl said.People have to think about Auburn basketball this time of year, and for good reasons.“The thing that is encouraging to me is we played our last (home) game against Georgia we had a sellout crowd,” Jacobs said. “We’ve got people are tailgating before basketball. That hasn’t happened in forever.“It was a fun time. We look forward to next year.”Year 2 starts today.last_img read more