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The Carlton County Sheriff’s Office had issued an arrest warrant on Saturday for Lindgren, and his family has long pointed at Henrikson as the culpritIn Henrickson’s earlier planned escape this past July court recorders stated that prosecutors said the alleged plot by Henrikson then to escape should be "admissible as evidence of consciousness of guilt and thus guilt itself"Prosecutors said Henrikson reached out to another inmate in early January that was in the jail cell next to him That inmate told prosecutors "[Henrikson] attempted to recruit him to get a ‘team together’ to assist Henrikson escape from custody while being transported for his ‘next court date’"Prosecutors said the inmate told them Henrikson’s plan was to have this team of individuals attack the United States Marshal’s van during transportation using "guns grenades and squirt guns full of gasoline" Prosecutors said the inmate was interviewed by US Marshal’s agents and offered to wear a wire to get a recording of Henrikson Court documents showed that the inmate was offered $500000 up front for helping Henrikson escape Documents also stated Henrikson told the inmate there was another inmate allegedly involved in the escapeAccording to prosecutors the inmate told them that Henrikson said he would kick the door of the van real hard so the escape team would know where he was after the smoke had cleared from burning the vanDocuments also stated the inmate told prosecutors Henrikson said he planned to travel overseas where he had "a rich uncle in Turkey" The inmate was released from custody shortly after his conversation with Henrikson court documents showThe inmate told prosecutors after his release he was approached by two Hispanic males while the former inmate and his mother were shopping at Wal-Mart According to court documents the two men approached the former inmate and asked him about Henrikson’s escape plan and if the former inmate was getting things ready Prosecutors said the former inmate told the two men he was not interestedFederal prosecutors said they are also wanting to admit notes allegedly written by Henrikson that were located in the cover of a book found in Henrikson’s jail cellCourt documents said Henrikson wrote out the following:"Dk come see you-perfect plan""No Texts-no phone calls unless They get Prepaid Phones-""Will Kick Door-Follow Truck-car to Hospitle""Two cops only or Two USMS"After taking off at the Chinese municipality of Chongqing passengers and crew sensed that something was wrong about half an hour into their flight to the Tibetan capital of Lhasa"We experienced a few seconds of free fall before it stabilized again" one passenger told Chinese mediaBut that wasn’t just turbulence At the front of the plane the pilot was fighting for the life of his colleague – who at that point had been almost entirely sucked out of the plane and was only being held back by his seat belt"Suddenly the windshield just cracked and made a loud bang The next thing I know my co-pilot had been sucked halfway out of the window" said pilot Liu Chuanjian speaking to Chinese mediaLiu managed to pull his co-pilot back into the cockpit according to his own account The co-pilot only suffered non-life-threatening injuries in the drama that unfolded at an altitude of 32000 feetThe pilot then managed to land the Airbus A319 in the city of Chengdu in a turbulent descent that injured another crew member"Everything in the cockpit was floating in the air Most of the equipment malfunctioned and I couldn’t hear the radio The plane was shaking so hard I could not read the gauges" he was quoted as saying by Chinese mediaFrench Airbus representatives later said they would send teams to China to investigate what triggered the 7-year-old plane’s malfunctioning Airbus A319s can carry up to 160 passengers and are widely used around the world by European and US airlinesWhile Sichuan Airlines mostly operates in Asia it also offers flights to international destinations in Australia New Zealand Europe and North America According to its website it operates on routes to Los Angeles and Vancouver among other destinationsThe last known emergency of that kind occurred almost three decades ago in 1990 when a British Airways pilot survived a similar incident at an altitude of 23000 feet While lightning strikes or objects in the flight path can sometimes crack windshields incidents like Monday’s are extremely rare – but when they do happen they almost always end with passengers crew members or pilots being sucked out of the planes completely or partially according to my colleagues Lori Aratani and Faiz Siddiqui: "It’s all about air pressure which varies depending on location At sea level atmospheric pressure is about 147 psi (pounds per square inch) Thomas Anthony director of the University of Southern California’s aviation security program told the Verge But at an airplane’s cruising altitude about 33000 feet it drops to about 4 psi That is why the higher you go the more difficult it is to breathe The air gets thinner It’s the reason climbers on Mount Everest must carry oxygen with them"Aircraft cabins are pressurized to keep passengers comfortable and alive at high altitudes said Jim Gregory a professor of aeronautical engineering and director of the Aerospace Research Center at Ohio State University"’When the window ruptures you have those two pressure levels trying to equalize’ said Ladd Sanger an aviation attorney and licensed airplane and helicopter pilot ‘The pressure inside the airplane is escaping out that hole to attempt to equalize which is why it’s creating that suction and pulling from inside the aircraft’""Those conditions explain how a passenger could be partially pulled into a small airplane window And the difficulty of pulling them back in"Monday’s incident didn’t result in the worst-case scenario but it may still shake some passengers’ confidence in an industry that has statistically speaking never been safer"I don’t dare to take an airplane anymore" one passenger told Chinese mediaStory by Rick Noack Noack is a foreign affairs reporter based in Berlin Previously he worked for The Post from Washington as an Arthur F Burns Fellow and from London The big bang of Punjab Assembly election has ended in a whimper for cricketer-turned-TV ‘laugha-ter’ Navjot Singh Sidhu. Several boats were also overturned during the incident. "This is Jackson Millarker. read more